Consists in handing over the management of a non-sensitive part of a company’s activities to an outside supplier.

In our field, we are talking about the complete management of any uniform program.

We offer a turnkey service that result in substantial savings for our customers.

We specialize in developing and offering:

  • Complete uniform collection tailored to the specific needs of your employees and / or customers.
  • Cost-effective IT solutions (web stores/boutiques) that seize orders with a simple management method, allowing you to always be in full control of your company’s consumption.
  • Methods of storage, replenishment, seized product, sampling, packaging and fast shipping, that is always fair and cost control oriented.
  • An experienced bilingual customer service dedicated to the needs of your staff/customers, providing all necessary help and technical support for a well-managed uniform program.
  • Accurate billing along with customized reports according to your needs and requirements.

Ask our experts for a presentation that will show you how we can help you and realize why managing a uniform program has never been easier with Trium Group.

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