Groupe Trium and L.L. Lessard join forces to produce reusable masks in Quebec on a large scale

Trium Group and LL Lessard join forces to produce reusable masks in Quebec on a large scale

CP masks 1> Montreal, 7 July 2020 – Trium Group and LL Lessard enter into a unique partnership for the purchase of a fully automated face-covering machine

In the face of the current health crisis, the demand for prevention products is constantly increasing. To meet the needs of consumers, who in times of crisis prefer local products, Trium Group and LL Lessard joined forces to purchase an automated sewing unit capable of producing several dozen masks per minute. This unique association combines the expertise of a Beauce-based manufacturer with that of a Montreal-based sales and distribution team to offer the North American market quality masks made in Quebec. According to Louis Lessard, Director and Owner of the LL Lessard plant, the current situation requires SMEs to join forces to adapt to new realities: “Today we need to join forces to be able to adapt and reinvent ourselves. « 

Once installed in August 2020, this technology will be able to produce up to one and a half million masks per month, including the more technical three-ply masks. This feat is the result of the research and development work of a Quebec company, which Groupe Trium / LL Lessard has decided to trust: “With the current economic situation, it is very important to rely on local businesses that support our community”, explains Alec Veilleux, VP Sales and Co-owner at Trium Group. “That’s why we prefer a Quebec technology, which we will install and operate in Quebec. « 

Reusable masks

Reusable masks

If this new automated sewing unit is capable of making both disposable masks and reusable masks Trium Group believes that most of its customers will opt for the reusable version. The material selected for the latter is a patented combination often used in the medical world, as it ensures the eradication of 99.99% of the most common bacteria and viruses. A simple wash with bleach reactivates the chlorine contained in its fibers to guarantee the user optimal protection. These masks are therefore highly valued for their antibacterial and virus-fighting properties, which make them particularly effective in terms of prevention. Environmental impact is another important concern when purchasing a hygiene product, and these masks can be washed and dried up to 75 times.

With this innovative machine, Groupe Trium and LL Lessard will offer reliable, safe, reusable, and locally produced face covers. This operation will contribute to the creation of jobs in the region and will allow experienced seamstresses to redirect themselves to other value-added projects.

About Trium Group

For over 26 years, Trium Group  manufactures, imports, and distributes uniforms and promotional items. Its expertise in uniform management and corporate clothing makes it a preferred player for Quebec, Canadian and American companies. Trium Group has numerous clients in several sectors of activity.

About LL Lessard

Lessard is a family business with over 65 years of experience in the garment industry. It specializes in the manufacture of school uniforms, work clothes, and many others. In addition, the company offers all services related to its fields, such as the development and cutting of woven and non-woven materials for the construction, interior design, and acoustic markets.

For more information:

Information: Alec Veilleux

VP Sales & Marketing at Groupe Trium Inc.

For more information:

Information: Louis Lessard

Vice-President at LL Lessard

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un don qui saura réchauffer les cœurs

Groupe Trium s’engage auprès d’enfants défavorisés pour l’Opération Sous Zéro : un don qui saura réchauffer les cœurs

Montréal, le 11 novembre 2016 – Groupe Trium soutient l’initiative Opération Sous Zéro en organisant un don considérable pour les enfants dans le besoin. Avec des annonces de grand froid pour cet hiver, l’entreprise offrira des manteaux qui sauront réchauffer le cœur des enfants.

Après plus de 10 ans, Opération Sous Zéro a réussi à regrouper de nombreux donateurs privés et/ou d’entreprises au fil des ans.

Aujourd’hui, c’est avec fierté que Groupe Trium, acteur majeur dans l’industrie de l’uniforme, s’engage activement à soutenir cette cause de solidarité qu’elle estime noble et essentielle. Pas moins de 850 manteaux d’hiver seront distribués, représentant un montant s’élevant à plusieurs dizaines de milliers de dollars.

L’initiative se voit accueillie chaleureusement par le centre communautaire Hochelaga et réjouit également Alec Veilleux associé de la compagnie :
« Étant moi-même père d’une famille de 3 enfants, il nous paraissait évident de contribuer à cette cause qu’est celle de l’Opération Sous Zéro. Je conçois totalement que l’achat de vêtements d’hiver soit parfois financièrement difficile pour certains et c’est pourquoi notre entreprise s’engage cette année à faire partie de ces donateurs exceptionnels œuvrant pour une cause tout aussi exceptionnelle. »

Il convient aussi de mentionner que la PME a déjà, par le passé, participé à une donation et se voit ravie de contribuer à celle-ci.

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