About us

About Us

Trium Group Building

Established in 1993, the company has more than 23 years of expertise in manufacturing, importing and distributing high quality uniforms, corporate clothing and promotional materials.

Our premises house our offices, the warehouse and the factory and span more than 60,000 square feet. This enables us to efficiently and quickly host and manage our clients’ inventory.

Leader in its field, Trium Group is committed to provide work clothes for a variety of companies throughout Canada and the United States. We are confident in our knowledge and ability to develop products that are always comfortable, distinctive, original and adapted to the needs of our most demanding clients.

We have a clear and proven philosophy for our missions, our visions and our values that is our own and which reflects our interest and commitment to our craft.

We are dedicated to always design, produce and distribute top-of-the-line uniforms, corporate clothing and promotional materials which meet the high standards of quality our clients are always looking for.

Our vision is simple and motivated by the desire to simplify order taking as well as controlling and organizing inventory. To that end, we propose a fully integrated management system with logistics, creative solutions, as well as advanced technologies.

Our values are characterized by the fact that we not only want, but also put all our efforts, into producing quality products. Our main priority is always to put quality first.

Since 2000, Trium Group has acquired skills largely as a result of the development of its importation department located in China. We also invested in high performance equipment and software which offer an integrated management system.

Today, Trium Group is a reference in terms of clothing. Its success is due in part to the consistency and rigor of the work done in all the company’s departments.

Our clients chose us primarily because of our confidence and we are proud to have, within our client base, prominent companies in transport, manufacturing, retail sales, restaurants, sport associations and many more.

We are committed, every day, to expertly manage corporate uniforms exemplifying your brand.

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