The À La Carte Boutique program

The “À La Carte” Boutique program

As it is important for Trium Group to be able to provide services to all companies, big and small, we are initiating a service that is accessible to all.

The À La Carte Boutique program is an online program which gives the opportunity for businesses to order work uniforms for their employees. Indeed, this program includes a catalog of defined products where customers can select articles based on their budget.

Like the online boutique program, it provides customers with the possibility of ordering via internet.

The principle?

In order to serve customers who feel powerless when facing inventory management for their work uniforms, Trium Group is the solution company. Companies who wish they could have work uniforms but do not have sufficient volume to justify inventory will now be able to order via an e-commerce device directly on our website.

All they need to do is log in to access the shopping platform and order from the list of products offered.

This product catalog is pre-defined and offers a wide range of items. The client will have the opportunity to have a fixed number of items based on the annual budget allocated to purchase uniforms. The delivery frequency is also defined according to the same budget.

These products are selected because they represent what Trium Group does best in terms of work uniforms. The customer does not need to manage inventory because Trium Group provides products with constant inventory. Moreover, when purchasing, these garments will be branded with the logo of your company.

Like the online boutique program, the customer can have a complete monthly history of its purchasing activities. It will then be easier for him to control his budget.

Finally, and even though the À La Carte Boutique program is not a customized interface, it is nevertheless designed to reflect customer demand. Any specific request from a customer can be integrated into the interface to facilitate the orders.

Benefits of the “à la carte” Program

The “à la carte” (pick-and-choose) program is a great intermediate solution for some customers.
It simplifies many aspects of uniform and apparel management.

  • Directly order uniforms for your employees without having to manage an inventory
  • Trium Group handles all the processing; no need for a dedicated team on your side
  • Each employee can order their own uniform, or you can nominate a contact person to handle the orders
  • Custom store based on your budget. What is available is determined by how much you can spend
  • Large selection of products and essential items
  • Easy expense control by restricting order options using points or credits
  • Access to special options, such as express delivery or exclusive uniforms
  • Regular order reporting
  • Many delivery options: single site, multiple sites or directly to employee
  • Dedicated Trium customer service team

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