The school uniform program

The school uniform program

Programme d'uniformes scolaires

At Trium Group we supply different industries ranging from security to construction, however we also specialize in a field that is historically well known in the world of uniforms: the school uniform.

We know that the uniform is important in schools and that it holds a special importance in the ethical and social life of an institution. We have organized our services to simplify supplying schools in terms of clothing in the most effortless way possible.

We have implemented a complete program to allow students to be dressed in time to go back to school.

We offer a well thought out and thorough service that combines a personalized web boutique, an onsite service in the establishment or on our premises, extensive assistance provided by our bilingual customer service and finally the expertise of our sales consultants and your dedicated representative.

This program is THE program! An all-inclusive program which combines several of our major services and programs. In fact, we customized it to the school environment and created this program to offer the best value for parents, students and, of course, the school.

The customer will have the opportunity to choose from several options to buy their children’s uniform:

  • Go directly to our premises to select the right clothes
  • Go to the school to shop in Trium Group’s pop-up store
  • Shop online on the web boutique personalized with the school’s branding

A striking proposition that will amaze you by its simplicity!

We designed this program as a store. We go onsite and welcome parents and students based on pre-arranged appointments. The shopping session takes place within the establishment for a perfect and fast coordination. The customer tries, buys and leaves. Nothing can be easier. For this process, we mobilize our qualified and attentive staff who accompanies the customers throughout their research.

There is the added possibility to make purchases from our personalized web boutique based on the needs of students. We offer outfits for all grade levels. Select, pay, and it will be delivered! We guarantee it!

Finally, we ensure that you will be properly welcomed at Trium Group since we let you come at any time (by appointment) to our premises to try, ask for advice or exchange items. Our customer service has a duty to serve you as if your children were their own.

Opt for a unique service and make your life easier! The School Uniform Program is the solution for managing the purchase of uniforms for your students.

The benefits of the school uniform program

Avantages d'un programme d'uniformes scolaires

There are many constraints to dress all students in a school. Trium Group has met this challenge by proposing a solution that offers significant benefits for school uniforms. This is what you need to know with a program such as this one:

  • Each parent can place an order on the web boutique fully customized with the school’s branding
  • You can connect to the web boutique from anywhere and at anytime
  • The apparel is customized for the different school levels
  • Parent and child can come to the Trium Group premises to try on and buy the school uniform
  • Make appointments at any time all year long
  • Benefit from sound advice thanks to our bilingual and experienced customer service
  • Once a year our entire team of expert advisors go to the establishment to offer a pop-up store and allow parents and children to try and buy uniforms
    • Purchasing facilities setup onsite
    • Support, advice and guidance for parents and students during the selection process
    • Express services are offered for alterations: Try, pay and carry! Quite simple!
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