The online shop program

The online shop program

Online shop basket

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Groupe Trium is perfecting its solutions by offering on-line ordering services via the internet with customized boutiques. This virtual shop represents the digital continuity of the image of our customers.

This service is aimed at companies with a high volume and purchasing capacity requiring assumption and inventory guarantee by our employees.

The principle ?

Trium Group provides the ability to quickly integrate e-commerce into the operations of customers. Our experts create an entirely personal shop and adjusted to your demands.

This highly secure transactional site has been designed according to the client’s request and will allow him and his employees to order their work uniforms.

The shop is custom made and according to criteria specific to each. These criteria will be used to create the entire database needed to define user profiles and their access to product catalogs. The shop is directly linked to our order and inventory management software. Thus, it will be possible to have a complete history and statistical reports by user, style, branch or other.

The shop is thought to be the easiest to use. The interface is fast, aesthetic (fully identified with your brand) and flexible.

It allows employees to connect personally and to order items that have been specially allowed to their catalog, specific to their category. Each user has a precise and predefined budget.

Finally, the online store program guarantees you constantly maintaining and managing your inventory and your stocks in our warehouse.

The principle is to create you the most personal and intuitive interface interfaces, a corporate program tailored to the needs and peculiarities of your business.

The Benefits of an online store program

Multi-platform order online shop

An online store offers many advantages in terms of management, time saving or even money.

It is a turnkey solution releasing customers of any responsibility.

  • La boutique en ligne vous donne l’avantage d’être libéré de toute gestion d’inventaire. Groupe Trium s’occupe de le gérer et de le garder dans son entrepôt
  • Orders are automated
  • There is no mobilization of personnel at the customer, Trium Group fully manages the analysis of the orders and the inventory
  • The interface of the shop is fully customizable, you decide the appearance of your shop. We create it in the image of your brand
  • Each employee commands individually. Only one person takes charge of the order, the employee himself!
  • Creation of custom catalogs by employee categoryCreation of custom catalogs by employee category
  • Assignment of a number of points or purchasing credit to each user defined and controlled before the establishment of the shop. Trium Group offers better Spending Control
  • Providing an approval system according to the need and demandProviding an approval system according to the need and demand
  • Providing management report
  • Preparation of individual orders and global delivery in one place as well as the possibility of delivery by center or by user
  • Customer service representative dedicated to your account

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