The mobile ordering program

The mobile ordering program

The mobile ordering program provides customers the possibility of benefiting from a complete service adapted to their specific needs.

It is aimed primarily at clients who have already established a pre-defined procurement budget. Indeed, this service is suitable for clients with a mid-sized portfolio and purchase volume since unlike the online boutique program there is no management or inventory guarantee.

This program provides you with a privileged connection to our dedicated members since the order takes place on the spot in your company by the sales team and the follow-up is taken care of by our bilingual customer service employees.

With this program our clients benefit from the optimized project management, including the development of catalogs by category of employees and the development of a points system. Again, it includes the preparation and dispatch of individual orders by center, by manager or by a global shipment in one place and at one time.

We also carry out a compilation of orders in our system, enabling us to subsequently easily transmit the per user usage reports (detailed orders by style, by branch and by user).

Finally, and to ensure perfect coordination of order management, we supply, once on site, size kits to the employees. Consequently, it is from this tool that the orders are collected and the margin of error is therefore practically non-existent.

The benefits of a mobile ordering program

A This service allows customers to enjoy the many options that are always developed and considered to meet demands.

  • The account manager will go onsite to make the ordering easier
  • Creation of customized catalogs by employee category
  • Defined and controlled allocation of a number of points or purchasing credits to each user before the boutique is setup. Trium Group offers better control over expenses
  • Management reports sent regularly
  • Individual orders are prepared and sent to a single location, or they may be sent to a center or the user
  • Customer service representative dedicated to your account
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