Mission, Vision, Values

Who is Trium Group?

A manufacturer, importer, distributor and leader of uniforms and corporate products for more than two decades. As a leader in the industry, Trium Group is committed to providing workwear to many businesses across Canada and the United States. Today we have a great knowledge and a certain ability in the development of products that are always more comfortable, distinctive, original and adapted to the most demanding needs of our customers. We have a clear philosophy based on our own missions, visions and values that reflect our enthusiasm and commitment to our business.

Our Mission

Trium Group is committed to consistently designing, producing and distributing high quality uniforms, corporate clothing and promotional items. Always optimizing and developing, Groupe Trium is committed to advising and guiding companies towards complete solutions for managing work uniforms.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and is driven by the desire to simplify order taking as well as conducting and inventory organization. Thus, we offer fully integrated management via logistics with creative and technologically advanced solutions.

Our Values

Quality and precision is at the core of who we are and we instill those values with our suppliers, management and employees. These values are engrained in who we are and what we do.