Trium Group and L.L. Lessard partner to produce made in Quebec reusable masks on a large scale

Trium Group and L.L. Lessard partner to produce made in Quebec reusable masks on a large scale

CP masques 1 >Montreal, July 7, 2020 – Trium Group and L.L. Lessard establish a unique partnership to purchase a fully automated mask-making machine.

In the current health crisis, the demand for protection products continues to increase. To meet the needs of consumers, who favour local products in times of crisis, Trium Group and L.L. Lessard teamed up to buy an automated sewing unit capable of producing several dozen masks per minute. This unique association combines the expertises of a Beauce manufacturer and a Montreal sales and distribution team to offer in the North American market quality masks made in Quebec. According to Louis Lessard, Director and owner of the L.L. Lessard factory, the current situation requires SMEs to come together to adapt to new realities: “Today we have to get together to be able to adapt and reinvent ourselves.”

The technology will be capable of producing up to 1.5 million masks per month, including said more technical 3-ply masks, when launched in August 2020. This feat is the result of the research and development of a Quebec company, to which Trium Group / L.L. Lessard decided to give a chance: “In today’s environment, it’s very important to focus on local businesses that support our community,” says Alec Veilleux, Co-Owner and VP Sales & Marketing at Trium Group. “That’s why we favour Quebec technology, and why we’ll settle and operate in Quebec.”

Masques réutilisables

Reusable masks

While this new automated sewing unit is capable of making both disposable and reusable masks, Trium Group foresees that most customers will choose the reusable option. Fabric selected for the latter is a patented combination often used in the medical field, as it eliminates 99.99% of the most common bacteria and viruses. A simple wash with bleach reactivates the chlorine contained in its fibres to ensure optimal protection for the user. These masks are therefore highly valued for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, which make them particularly effective when it comes to prevention. Ecological impact is another major concern when purchasing a sanitation product, and these masks can be washed and dried up to 75 times.

With this innovative machine, Trium Group and L.L. Lessard will offer reliable, safe, reusable and locally produced face coverings. This operation will help create jobs in the region and allow experienced seamstresses to redirect themselves to other value-added projects.

About Trium Group

For over 26 years, Trium Group has been manufacturing, importing and distributing uniforms and promotional items. Its expertise in uniform management and corporate clothing makes him a key player in Quebec, Canadian and American companies. Trium Group has many clients in several lines of business.

About L.L. Lessard

Lessard is a family business with over 65 years of experience in the apparel industry. It specializes in the manufacture of school uniforms, work clothing and many others. In addition, the company offers all services related to its field, such as the development and cutting of woven and non-woven materials for use in construction, interior design and acoustic markets.

For further information:

Informations : Alec Veilleux

VP Sales & Marketing at Groupe Trium Inc.

or further information:

Informations : Louis Lessard

Vice President at L.L. Lessard

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A gift that will warm the hearts of many

Trium Group is committed to underprivileged children for
“Operation Sous Zero”: A gift that will warm the hearts of many

Montreal, November 11, 2016 – Trium Group Inc supports the initiative “Operation Sous Zero” by organizing a considerable donation for children in need.
With the recent announcements of a harsh winter, the company has decided to move quickly and offer coats that will warm the hearts of children.

After more than 10 years, “Operation Sous Zero” has managed to gather many private and business donors and can now count on Trium Group’s support.

Today, Trium Group is a major player in the uniform industry and is devoted to support this noble and worthy cause by donating no less than 850 winter jackets representing several tens of thousands of dollars.

We are extremely happy to provide these winter jackets to such a great organisation says Alec Veilleux business partner at Trium Group.

“Being myself a father of 3 children, I just had to find a way to support Operation Sous Zero. I understand far too well that buying winter clothing is sometimes financially difficult for some and that’s why our company is committed to be part of these special donors working for an equally exceptional cause. ”

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