“A La Carte” program

“A La Carte” program

Simply! The easiest fit!

We know how challenging uniform or apparel management can be (slow order process, out of stock inventory, lengthydeliveries, obsolete inventories, minimum order quantities,…) which is why we have carefully crafted a game changingservice called
“A La Carte”.

In essence, this program eliminates many of the challenges that anyone dealing with uniforms or apparel face on a daily basis.

Here’s how it works.

Based on an annual estimated consumption budget, Trium Group will maintain a readily available inventory of pre-established products. These products can be ordered throughout the year without any minimum order quantity.

Deliveries will be completed on a pre-established schedule either monthly or bi-monthly dependant on your annual budget and, yes, we’ve even thought of offering an express option for any unforeseen surprises.

Orders will be placed on our highly proven Ecommerce platform. The platform allows full management features for program administrators should you require specific purchasing rules for employee groups, budget management, cost center associations just to name a few.

Here are some additional program benefits:

  • Choose amongst hundreds of styles and colors
  • All products are in inventory and readily available for branding and shipping
  • Hassle free online ordering and management and reporting
  • Per employee packaging for easy distribution
  • Includes one of two branding options
  • Free customer support
  • Annual volume discounts
  • Sizing kits at 50% off regular pricing

Call us now to sign-up or learn more about this truly unique value proposition.

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